The Pie - A horse ridden by Jimmy Stewart in his western movies.

The Pie is recognized by his Star or Blaze white marking on his forehead. He was a stallion Sorrel which is a reddish coat color, lacking any black. He was Jimmy Stewart's favorite horse for many of his western movies which started in 1950. The horse was owned by a young women in Hollywood whose father was a retired horse wrangler from the early days of westerns. Jimmy tried to buy The Pie, but the horse was not for sale.

1950 - Winchester '73 The Pie with James Stewart with co-star Millard Mitchell. The Pie was not in this movie, the reason is unknown. 1950 - Broken Arrow

1952 - Bend of the River Arthur Kennedy co-stars with Jimmy riding The Pie. The Pie with Jimmy and co-stars Janet Leigh and Ralph Meeker. 1953 - The Naked Spur

1954 - The Far Country The Pie and Jimmy, with co-stars Ruth Roman and Walter Brennan. Jimmy even mentions The Pie by his name in one scene. The Pie is center stage with Aline MacMahon and Jimmy. There is a bit of forelock of hair over The Pie's Star 1955 - The Man From Laramine

1957 - Night Passage The Pie and Jimmy. Now this is not a Jimmy Stewart movie, however you can see Yul Byrnner riding The Pie in this classic western. 1960 - The Magnificent Seven

1961 - Two Rode Together Co-star Richard Widmark and Jimmy riding The Pie. Jimmy does not ride a horse in this movie, however The Pie was on the set just in case, you can see him in this scene, a stunt wangler was riding him into the saloon. 1964 - Cheyenne-Autumn

1965 - Shenandoah Jimmy is mounted on The Pie, along with co-stars Doug McClure and Rosemary Forsyth. Note: The Pie is maybe 18 years old by now, given he was three years old in 1950 with his first movie with Jimmy. You can see The Pie, along with Maureen O'Hara and co-star Juliet Mills. The next few seconds in this scene, The Pie nudges the back of Jimmy. 1966 - The Rare Breed

1968 - Frirecreek Jimmy did not ride a horse in this movie. Raquel Welch stars with The Pie and Jimmy. 1968 - Bandolero

1970 - Cheyenne Social Club Jimmy with The Pie (now 20 years+ old) and co-star Henry Fonda. End of the Trail with The Pie. Carrots