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Season 1


Episode 1 The Pilot

The Teeth of the Barracuda

Sept. 24, 1968 Un-cut Version 73 Min.
A police Captain from L.A. named Adam Greer (Tige Andrews) puts together a new idea, a young squad of police to work investigating the killing of a cop. The evidence so far which has been collected suggests that it was the work of young people. Re-live that rebellious time of the late 1960's and 70's with the Mod Squad; Michael Cole as Pete Cochran; Peggy Lipton as Julie Barnes and Clarence Williams III as Linc Hayes.
Stars: Brook Bundy and look for a very young Harrison Ford as the cop at the beach.

Note: This is the pilot episode.

Episode 2

Bad Man on Campus

Oct. 1, 1968 48 Min.
A car theft ring is covering the city, Pete, Linc and Julie go undercover in a high school to get close to the group of juveniles who are working for the car theft ring.

Episode 3

My, What a Pretty Bus

Oct. 8, 1968 48 Min.
Pete goes to prison as and undercover convict in the Squad's plan to capture the brain power behind a robbery counterfeiting operation.

Stars: Henry Jones
Note: Watch at the end when Pete jumps from the bus,he really does burn his hand, ouch!

Episode 4

When Smitty Comes Marching Home

Oct. 22, 1968 48 Min.
Linc tries to prove his friend's innocence, a Vietnam veteran and Linc's childhood pal. His buddy is wanted by police on a homicide charge.

Stars: Louis Gossett Jr. his first of three episodes #19 and #108.
Trivia: What zoo are they at in the closing scenes?
Note: Julie is cute as she can be as a car hop at a drive-in when she is undercover.

Episode 5

You Can't Tell the Players Without a Programmer

Oct. 29, 1968 48 Min.
Julie goes to work as a decoy as the Squad attempts to catch a computer-dating service operating a blackmail scam operation.

Stars: Julie Adams and Linda Marsh

Episode 6

A Time to Love, A Time to Cry

Nov. 12, 1968 48 Min.
A probation officer joins the Squad in looking for a young photographer who is accused of murder. Julie has a very strong affection for the probation officer.

Stars: Robert Lansing he played General Savage on "Twelve O'Clock High" a TV series in 1964.
Trivia: What was Pete's pet name for Julie?

Episode 7

Find Tara Chapman

Nov. 19, 1968 48 Min.

The Squad helps the medical authorities to find a dying girl, Tara Chapman, who is a singer on the run. She was exposed to meningitis and may set off and epidemic. What the Squad does not know is that she tied in with the mob, and she thinks she is a target for a hit. Tara Chapman is her stage name she uses from a past girl friend who is dead. In a race to find her father, she is running out of time.

Stars:Della Reese from ("Touched by an Angel") and Yvonne Craig as Tara, aka as Lila Mason in the episode. She also was the first BATGIRL.

Episode 8

The Price of Terror

Nov. 26, 1968 48 Min.
Capt. Greer is on the edge because of threatening letters, and then becomes the objective of an unknown attacker who has rigged a number of attempts to terrorize or kill him. The leads keep coming up as a dead end as the Squads works in the shadows without the Captain knowing. As the motive begins to surface Julie is kidnapped and used in a trade for Greer.

Stars: James Best: This guy always played a creepy dude in his movie career.
Note: At the end we see a picture of Capt. Greer's wife from a wallet photo he shows to the Squad.

Episode 9

A Quiet Weekend in the Country

Dec. 3, 1968 48 Min.
After Captain Greer gets a phone call from a narcotics stool pigeon, he assigns Pete, Linc and Julie to gain access to a rural trailer camp in the mountains. The trailer camp owner is a hard case with a young beautiful wife. The task is to find the camera left behind, and then what is on the film. Linc hires on as the camp handy man, while Pete and Julie pretend to be newlyweds. The trail leads from the campgrounds and a shady older couple to the country store.

Stars: James Gregory and the beautiful Ahna Capri.
Note: Pete and Julie play a married couple and the scene in their trailer is very cute.

Episode 10


Dec. 10, 1968 48 Min.
Pete's favorite cousin, who has rich parents, turns to a petty crime in an attempt to get her parents attention. The generation gap is a live and well here, with a young daughter whose parents ignore her either because of business or her newly born baby brother. Finally Karen takes a step to bring both her parents to realize their daughter is a trouble young adult.

Stars: Nina Foch
Trivia: The clock in the Greer's office, what time is it? It always reads noon (or midnight) in all the episodes.

Episode 11

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starlet

Dec. 17, 1968 48 Min.
With Pete and Linc undercover, Julie poses as a Hollywood "want to be", to ensnare the assailant of young actresses. Julie moves into and apartment building whose manager has a weird son as a handy man. The local TV talk show host is a big mouth and ragging the police force to solve the murders. We see Capt. Greer smoking and his clock in his office is gone.

Stars: Joan Van Ark from "Knots Landing".
Trivia: Linc utters those immortal words, "Keep the faith baby, and don't spread it thin"

Episode 12

The Guru

Dec. 31, 1968 48 Min.
Pete, Linc and Julie pose as hippies in order to investigate the bombing of an underground newspaper called "The Guru". The police are being challenged, in that they are not investigating to their fullest potential. There is a lot of turmoil within the staff at the paper; they are not a trusting bunch. The Squad moves in as experienced underground newspaper staffers from San Francisco.

Stars: Dabney Coleman
Trivia: In an E TV interview I have, Julie says this was their second episode, probably the second one which was made, but aired as #12. Captain Greer is funny when he says to the Squad; "what do I have to do for you to trust me, wear beads?"

Episode 13

The Sunday Drivers

Jan. 7, 1969 48 Min.
While in Las Vegas for the weekend, the Squad goes to and auto thrills show to see Tommy a friend of Linc's. After the mysterious death of his friend during a stunt before their very eyes, Linc joins the automobile thrill circus in to investigate the death of his friend. Pete meets a stunt girl and then their covers are blown.

Stars: Woodrow Parfrey the great character actor.
Trivia: Did Linc really make that jump?

Episode 14

Hello Mother, My Name is Julie

Jan. 14, 1969 48 Min.
Julie's mother, a former prostitute (Holy smokes!), arrives in Los Angeles to introduce Julie to the man she plans to marry.

Stars:Nan Martin and William Windom
Trivia: What is the name of the pool hall in this episode?

Episode 15

Flight Five Doesn't Answer

Jan. 21, 1969 48 Min.
While transporting a prisoner by commercial airline, Pete, Linc and Greer face death in a forced plane crash.

Note: Linc has to play doctor and his effort here is re counted in episode #48.
Trivia: Pete takes off his shirt, he has a tattoo on his upper right arm.

Episode 16

Shell Game

Jan. 29, 1969 48 Min.
Investigating a policeman's death, Pete and Linc infiltrate a gang of thieves, and Julie gets kidnapped along the way.

Episode 17

Fear is the Bucking Horse

Feb. 4, 1969 48 Min.
The Squad works a rodeo undercover to protect a TV cowboy star whose life has been threatened. Julie in a cowboy hat, cute as she can be, but Linc as a Rodeo clown?

Stars:Monte Markham and Ed Begley

Episode 18

Hint of Darkness, a Hint of Light

Feb. 11, 1969 48 Min.
The Squad moves into a blind woman's home posing as house guests, to offer protection against a mysterious assailant.

Stars: Gloria Foster
Trivia: Who was Ms. Foster married too in real life?

Episode 19

The Uptight Town

Feb. 18, 1969 48 Min.
The Squad searches for Capt. Greer, who has disappeared while vacationing in a little desert town.

Stars: Louis Gossett Jr. his second episode appearance. Strong performances here buy the entire cast of players in a very true story in how people view outsiders.
Note: Ranks as one of the top ten episodes.

Episode 20

A Reign of Guns

Feb. 25, 1969 48 Min.
The Squad tangles with a wealthy business man. He is forming a private militia armed with stolen guns.

Stars: J.D. Cannon
Trivia: What is Linc's rank while wearing the Army uniform?

Episode 21

A Run for the Money

Mar. 11, 1969 48 Min.
Pete is romantically involved with a girl whose father is in prison for robbery, and then faces a dilemma when he finds who stole the cash.

Stars: The beautiful Lesley Ann Warren and Tom Bosley
Note: Pete kisses Lesley Ann.

Episode 22

Child of Sorrow, Child of Light

Mar. 18, 1969 48 Min.
With Julie posing as an unwed mother, the Squad attempts to break up a baby adoption racket.

Stars: Ida Lupino

Episode 23

Keep the Faith Baby

Mar. 25, 1969 48 Min.
The Squad is assigned to protect the life of a militant black priest, threatened by a murderer who is afraid the priest will break his vow from his confession.

Stars: Sammy Davis Jr. and Robert Duvall

Episode 24

Capt. Greer, Call Surgery

Apr. 1, 1969 48 Min.
Pete, Linc and Julie get undercover jobs in a hospital to block a narcotics robbery.

Stars: Kim Hamilton

Episode 25

Peace Now, Arly Blau

Apr. 8, 1969 48 Min.
Linc and Pete go undercover as prison inmates to protect the life of a convicted draft dodger.

Stars: Christopher Connelly
Note: Strong overtones of the Vietnam era in the conscientious objector mood which was in the 1960's.

Episode 26

A Seat by the Window

Apr. 15, 1969 48 Min.
The Squad is split up and assigned to separate charter vacation buses in an attempt to catch a bus station killer.

Stars: Bo Hopkins and Julie Gregg