That is me, Mike, with the Japanese Sea Bass at 58cm (23 inches) and my darling wife of 24 years, Vicki, on our 27 foot Catalina sail boat. The boat is not really mine, it belongs to the base recreation facility, but no one ever sails it but me, so I call it mine.

We both live and work in Japan; I retired from the U.S. Navy and now work here supporting the ships as a Port Engineer. We are located in Southern Japan, one hours drive from Nagasaki, and 120 km from South Korea. The fleet home ported here is the Amphibious Ready Group of   Task Force 76  ; the ships (seven) many times are the first response to real world events in Asia or the Persian Gulf. More than once our ships have been on CNN in the spotlight.

Vicki is and English teacher and tutors privately to Japanese students in our Japanese home. She has been teaching for 13 years and loves it, the students, which there have been many over the years, have become and extended family. I took and on-line website class with the University of Phoenix and was introduced to the art of HTML coding. All my pages are free text in design, meaning I do not use a page builder or any tools to create them, I write the code myself and often use scripts that are available on the internet.

I invite your


Vicki and I are proud sponsors of the   Camper Scholarships Program  , a "campership" pays for sending one child to Victory Junction for a week, so far we have sent ten children to camp. Each child attends camp at no cost to them or their family.